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Please log into BUG CLUB ACTIVELEARN PRIMARY by clicking on the link below:


Read your available BUG CLUB BOOK and answer the comprehension questions.



Remember to use your reading skills:


  • Fred Talk unfamiliar words. E.g- f-r-o-g
  • Slide the syllables together. E.g fr og becomes frog.
  • Chunk new words before putting them together to read. E.g book-let becomes booklet
  • Refer to the illustrations (pictures) for clues
  • Use the Read to me function to listen to the pronunciation of difficult words.
  • Re-read words and sentences you’re unsure of to grasp the meaning.
  • Most of all, write down new vocabulary and search for their meaning in dictionaries.
  • Make sure you answer all the comprehension questions (quiz questions). This will help you to interpret the meaning of what you have read and also to practise your decoding skills.  
  • Now, write a review about your book and share with your class teacher.


 .......and remember, 'The more you READ, the more things you will know.'  Be awesome! Be a book nut!

Dr. Seuss


Whole class reading comprehension activities


Learning Objective: To link the text with their own experiences.  


Success Criteria: 

  •  I can talk about events in a story. 


  • I can share my experience.  


  •  I can speak in full sentences.  


Purpose: To relate to a story, sharing their experiences and empathizing with others. 


Vocabulary: Pattan, experience, journey, travel, transport, flood, India, village 


Starter: Recap the features of a story- a setting, characters, problem and resolution.

Read the first 2 pages, discussing the events. Share your experiences of visiting and feeding animals, whether at home or on the farm. Where did you visit? How did you feel? 

Key questions:  

Have you ever planted a seed? 

How did you nurture/care for your seed? 

Did any of your plant wither? 

Did any of your plants grow bigger than you expected? 

Have you experienced a lengthy rainfall? What did you do? 

Continue reading the book, pause at the page where Pattan was afraid that the floods would wash away his hut. Share your experience of a period where you experienced a heavy rainfall. How did you feel and what did you do?


As you read the text, pause at different pages, discussing the events and sharing your experiences.



Describe your own experiences of going on a journey because of a pressing issue, for example flood, fire outbreak and fire drill etc. What did you do and how did you feel during your preparation? How did you travel? How did you feel when you arrived?