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Guided reading

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BUG CLUB ACTIVELEARN PRIMARY by clicking on the link below: 

Remember to use your reading skills:

  • Fred Talk unfamiliar words. E.g- f-r-o-g
  • Slide the syllables together. E.g fr og becomes frog.
  • Chunk new words before putting them together to read. E.g book-let becomes booklet
  • Refer to the illustrations (pictures) for clues
  • Use the Read to me function to listen to the pronunciation of difficult words.
  • Re-read words and sentences you’re unsure of to grasp the meaning.
  • Most of all, write down new vocabulary and search for their meaning in dictionaries.
  • Make sure you answer all the comprehension questions (quiz questions). This will help you to interpret the meaning of what you have read and also to practise your decoding skills.  


Lesson Objective: To say how a character might be feeling based on what I’ve heard.  

Success Criteria:  

  • I can take turns 
  • I can use picture prompts to make inferences 
  • I can use because 


Vocabulary: infer, inference, body language, facial expression, feel, think, know, because 

  1. Re-read the story


The Tiger Who Came to Tea

2. Use the pictures in the slide to answer the questions.

Body language and facial expressions tell us what a person (character) might be thinking or feeling.

Inference activity Monday 16th November