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Dear Year 3 children,


Ensure you are reading for at least 30 minutes daily. This could be your school reading book, a home book, Bug Club or any other text you enjoy. Read to your adults or siblings, model an outstanding level of fluency and expression and remember to pause at the punctuation. Don’t forget to identify any new words and unknown vocabulary and find the definitions (use a dictionary, also use online dictionaries and thesauruses to support you with this or even ask your adults for the meaning). You may wish to keep a record of the unfamiliar vocabulary you have explored and share it with your teachers and peers.

You still need to be moving through the colour bands and improving your reading skills. Remember to log into your Bug Club account regularly, your teachers are monitoring this closely and are able to check your activity online, so make sure you’re answering to all questions properly before ending a book. I am sure you all have books in your ‘Bug Club Library’, if you have completed all of them, let your teacher know on SeeSaw and we will upload more books for you.



Dear children,


For today, you will need to complete the following two tasks:


1. Select 3 different Reading Challenges from the document attached below (scroll down, there are 51 challenges to choose from) and complete these in your Homework books. (You can use any of your Bug Club books, school reading books or any other text you have previously read.)


Remember to take a photo of your work and share it with your teacher on SeeSaw.

2. Enjoy the word search!!!


Have fun! 😊