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Monday's Learning

Good Afternoon Year 1.


It's Ms Jean-Baptiste once again😊. I hope you have enjoyed the challenges that we have set you today. Did you have fun using your clock to help you talk about your day? I know making and reading times can be tricky. Did you place the hour and minute hand correctly on your clock face when making o’clock, half past or even quarter past/to times of the events you did throughout the day?


It would be great if you could share with us some photos of the times you’ve made.


Have a great evening!

 Hello Year 1, it's Ms Jean-Baptiste here 😊.

  I hope you all had an ENJOYABLE WEEKEND  and are full of energy ready for another week's learning.  Today you will need to follow the time table and complete the tasks that have been set. We can't wait to read your story maps you'll be creating for the amazing stories you will eventually write. Remember to use all your writing tools to make your learning readable.


Maths is fun and practical today, remember to use all the skills we have practiced so far to help you. Make sure you check the examples that we have shown you if you are finding it challenging.

If you still need support, please email us! 


Have a lovely day and I'll check on you soon!