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Answers for today's comprehension


1.) The signs are that show us Jack was scared are - His hairs on his neck were stood up like soldiers in a parade. His heart was racing and his stomach churned.


2.) Jack tried to tried to stay under the shadows of the train as he didn’t want to be seen.


3.) Colossal and huge.


4.) The word hesitantly.


5.) “I don’t know what to do!”

“I’m scared.”

“Should I go back or not?”


6.) There are adjectives within the text. For example, abandoned, ancient, creaked, dust, old carriage, rotten floorboards, old fashioned handle and the smell was dusty.


7.) He paused to compose himself and gain some strength and courage inside him. He did not know what was on the other side and what he would find.


8.) Jack is torn between wanting to go home or to actually exploring the train. His heart may have been racing with both excitement and fear. We know this as the text suggests “How can this be?” whispered Jack to himself in amazement!


9.) There are short sentences to make the text dramatic. Exclamatory sentences are used to try and build drama, suspense and tension into the reader’s mind