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Reading Leads - Ms Ferreira (Assistant Headteacher)

If you have any queries about reading in our school, then why not send me a message using the box below? I would be happy to answer any of your queries.

Reading Policy

Reading Policy

Reading at Gascoigne


At Gascoigne, we believe that the ability to read is fundamental to pupils’ development as independent learners, during their time at school and beyond.  Reading is central to our ability to understand, interpret and communicate with each other and the world around us.  Success in reading has a direct effect upon progress in all areas of the curriculum; therefore reading is given a high priority at Gascoigne Primary School, enabling the children to become enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers across a wide range and types of literature, including different text types and genres, books, posters, magazines, signs and newspapers.



Parent Workshops in Reading - Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 


We would like to invite you to two short workshop/information sessions to help you understand the best ways you can help your child with their reading at home. These will take place on 


Wednesday, 21st June  2017  9:15 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (Reading and Vocabulary)

Wednesday, 5th July   2017  9:15 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (Reading Comprehension)


on the Gascoigne site Phase 2 Hall. 


Please go to our letters section to download the reply slip confirming your attendance. We look forward to seeing you. 


National curriculum Key Objectives Year 1- 6

Book Lists by Year Group


Below are the recommended year group book lists, which detail books that children should read throughout their academic year. This is the minimum requirement and we would encourage children to read other books in addition to those listed. Children should also be reading, newspapers, magazines, e-books (Bug Club), blogs, poems, leaflets, posters etc. Children can access these books from school or the local library, so if your child is not a member of Barking Library we would encourage both parents/carers and children to join, in order to access an amazing collection of books and other reading material.   


Fathers Reading Everyday (FRED)

Programme in Nursery

In Nursery 22 dads, including some mums have taken part in a programme called Fathers Reading Everyday (FRED) to build a love of reading not only at school but at home too. FRED is a 4-week programme designed to get parents into the habit of of reading to their child everyday. Parents share books with their child for at least 5min a day for the first two weeks, and at least 10 minutes a day for the second 2 weeks. It's that simple, but we will be amazed at the results.


Research shows that children who grow up with warm, nurturing, and actively involved fathers:

- do better in school

- have higher self esteem

- build better relationships with other children

- behave better, and

- grow into happier, more successful adults


Reading in our school starts very early on, long before they are able to recognise words. Parents have been given a logbook to write down what books they have read and for how long they read together every day, over a week. 


On Wednesday 5th April 2017, we will be holding a celebration for all the participating parents and children at the school. Parents will be able to meet other parents and their children who have joined in and share how many books they have read and how for how long in total over the 4 weeks.

Launch of Fathers Reading Everyday Programme...

Launch of Fathers Reading Everyday Programme... 1
Launch of Fathers Reading Everyday Programme... 2
Launch of Fathers Reading Everyday Programme... 3

Outdoor Reading at Gascoigne

Classroom Reading Book Corners


At Gascoigne we believe that a dedicated reading space in the classroom serves as a constant reminder for children to pick up a book and read. Reading Book Corners create a physical space, set apart from the rest of the classroom, where attention can be focused on reading and stories whether it is used for individual, one-to-one or group reading. Reading is fun and a comfortable, inviting, well-stocked reading corner is instrumental in helping children discover a love of books, shaping their long-term attitude towards reading. Here are some of the reading book corners in our classrooms. 

Reading Home Learning Agreement


Below is a copy of the Reading Home Learning agreement that teachers, parent /carers and children will sign to show their commitment to ensuring the children in our school achieve excellence in their reading. 

Overcoming Reading Home Learning Barriers

Helping my child to read

Author Visit

The World's Leading School Author Visitor came to Gascoigne. Jack Trelawny has visited more that 1,800 schools and given his presentation to over 360,000 children. Our Gascoigne children were greatly inspired by his visit and a fun afternoon was had by all.

World Book Day and Book Week

27th February - 3rd March

At Gascoigne we are celebrating our favourite stories once again as World Book Day is back and marking its 20th anniversary. The annual celebration of authors, illustrators and reading is marked in more than 100 countries around the world. The event sees our Gascoigne children dress as our favourite characters, receive precious book tokens and take part in the events that our school runs to mark the wonder of reading.

Please click on the link below to see what events have been taking place this week. 

Book Week events at Gascoigne primary school

Book Fair

A big thank you to all the parents, children and Gascoigne staff who hav supported the book fair. Together we managed to sell £885 worth of books. Remember that book tokens can be used up until the 26th of March in book stores such as Waterstones, WHSmith and other booksellers. You can find out more information about book tokens by clicking on the link below.

Reading Buddies

On Wednesday the 2nd of March, half of the children in each class at Gascoigne visited their buddy class and paired up with a reading buddy. Each child had their reading book and a selection of appropriate reading books was made available for the children to read. For example, half of the children in a reception class (White Class)  went to a year 6 Class (Gold) while the remaining children in the reception class awaited the arrival of the other half of the children in the year 6 class. This was a phenomenal success are here are some of the comments that were made by some of the children involved:


"It was a pleasure to meet them. They were really good at reading!" Humayra Uddin.


"It was outstanding! It felt great to read with other children." Riad Troni


"The children were extremely kind and welcoming towards us when we came to their class." Yahya Abdulahi


"I was astonished by their knowledge : they corrected themselves when they made a mistake, and when we asked them questions they answered correctly!" Ismat Mahua.


"We would like to have them more often, please!" Nusrat (Shatu) Islam Sultana.


Reading Champions Celebration Assembly


Reading Champions is a whole school initiative that encourages children to read books and submit a high quality book review for each of the books read. On a weekly basis,each class updates the total number of book reviews which have been submitted. 


Classroom display

Every class in the school has a Reading Champions display.

The display includes a Reading Champions heading and 4 trophies: A bronze trophy ( 10 books read) Silver trophy ( 25 books read) , Gold Trophy (50 books read) and Platinum trophy 9 75 books read). On that display, the children’s names are displayed and when a child has submitted  a total of 10 book reviews, which are of a high standard, the child’s name is placed on the Bronze trophy. If a child has submitted 25 book reviews in total, the child’s name would be placed on the Silver trophy, 50 book reviews , the child moves up to the Gold trophy and 75 book reviews they move up to the covetted Platinum trophy. Once the child’s name is placed on the trophy a certificate is then given to the child and is presented at SoG assembly. 


On Tuesday the 28th of February we celebrated each year groups' Reading Champions and certificates were awarded to the class that had the most book reviews in the categories of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. In addition, we also awarded a certificate to the class in the year group that had read the most books. Our children love reading and they loved the fact that this was being celebrated. Because this was enjoyed by all, we will be repeating this celebration on a termly basis. Gascoigne loves reading!  

World Book Day

celebrating on the 3rd of March

On the 3rd of March we (all staff and pupils) will be dressing up as a book character bringing in the book to assembly. At assembly we will be celebrating world book day with a story and then we will be acknowledging the most creative costume in each year group. Watch this space, as we will be uploading photographs of the winners.