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Lesson Objective: To understand why Guru Nanak is an important person 


Success Criteria:

  • I can tell a story about Guru Nanak  

  •  I can say why Guru Nanak is a very special person for Sikhs  


Key Vocabulary

Guru - teacher 

Religion - the belief in certain ideas about right and wrong behaviour and God. 

Guru Nanak – God’s teacher   

Sikh – student / believer of Sikhism   

Believer - to accept as honest or true



Look at the picture of Guru Nanak: 

What can you see in this picture?  

*Describe in as much detail as you can.  

What does the person in the picture look like?   

Look at the light around/behind his head. What do you think that means? 


Guru Nanak

This is Guru Nanak.  

Guru Nanak is a special person to Sikh people. Sikh’s believe he had also been a special child.    

Guru means special teacher.


In Religious Education we are learning Sikhism. Sikhism is a religion. The people that believe in Sikhism are called Sikhs.

PowerPoint slides to follow

1.Now watch this video: 


What did the children tell us about Guru  

Nanak’s special message? 

There were five. 

Can you remember what they were? 

Guru Nanak’s Message 

1) We must earn an honest living.  

2) We should lead a good life.  

3) There is only one God.  

4) We must share what we have with others.  

5) We must remember and obey God. 



Task 1  

Which one of these 5 messages do you think is the most important 1 for a Sikh to believe and follow? 

Task 2  

Choose and write down the most important message. 

Why is the message you chose the most important? 


Teacher’s Model 

I think sharing with others is the most important message for Sikhs because sharing makes us and others happy.