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Good Morning Year 2 !! smiley


How are you on this Tuesday morning? This week our topic for RE is really interesting, very useful, and relevant. 


I have always found creation stories fascinating. I like to read, think, or talk about how different people think that the world was created. Today, you are going to be retelling the creation story that you have learnt. You are also going to think about which is your favourite part and why? This is the bit that makes today's lesson interesting. But I also used two more adjectives, didn't I? It's because as part of the activity, you are going to come up with your very own fabulous and functional, practical and handy list of ideas to show that you care for the world. You can also bring your creativity in the center to play the part, and so, you can draw, create something or make a poster with ideas about how can we look after the world together. I used useful and relevant because it's necessary  NOW more than ever.  


Enjoy learning RE and being creative at the same time.

Lots of Love Mrs Vora xxxx heart