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Purple Class- Ms Radcliffe

Message from Ms Radcliffe


Hello Purple Class of 2020-2021! 😊

I trust that you and your family are all well at this time and will continue to remain healthy during this difficult period! My name is Ms Radcliffe and I will be your Year 3 teacher when you return to school in September! I am really looking forward to working with you and your families I do hope that you are quite eager to begin the school year as well. Afterall, you have been at home for a very LONG period. Time to return to normality! 😊

In September, you will experience a few changes. The first change that you will need to make note of is a change in site. Last year your class was based on the Shaftesbury Site but in September, your class will be on the Gascoigne Site. You must make sure that you remember where your class is located!

You must also try to complete the summer home learning on this website as well. This will help to support your learning in September, giving you a head start when you return. Please make an effort to complete these tasks as best as you possibly can. It is very important that you maintain the high standards developed Year 2!  In addition, you must also read regularly as this will help to develop your fluency and stamina.

Over the summer, please take this opportunity to think about and discuss with your family any changes you would like to make in your learning in Year 3. Think about areas you would like to improve or a new idea that you would like to try. Make sure that you write these down so that you will be able to share your ideas when you return to learning at school.

I will tell you more about what you will be learning in September when we meet in person. Then, I will also tell you more about myself and will find out more about each of you. I am really looking forward to hearing about your experiences, likes and dislikes! I can’t wait! 😊

At this time, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very pleasant, relaxing and restful summer break. Make sure that you have fun and spend quality time doing your favourite activities (only if you are able to safely do so) with your family and friends. As I said earlier, I am really eager to meet you and I wish you an enjoyable summer!

Best wishes! See you in September 😊!

Ms N. Radcliffe