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How To Live Together Peacefully 

Good morning Year 1s, and welcome to another PSHC lesson.  


Before beginning this PSHC lesson you must first complete today’s Writing task which has been set for you.  


In this lesson you will learn what it means to live together PEACEFULLY.   


Think about how you live peacefully with others.   


To live peacefully with other means we need to welcome each other, respect and accept each other’s differences.   


At Gascoigne Primary School we are a diverse range of staff and children from different countries all around the world. We welcome each other and respect and accept each other’s differences whether it be skin colour, education, culture, language, opinions, views and backgrounds.  This welcoming acceptance and respect at Gascoigne is what enables us to live and work together PEACEFULLY.


In Writing this week you have read our new book The Colour of Home. You got to find out about Hassan’s experience and how he had to flee his country to come and live in London and how he felt.   


Your task is to imagine a refugee child joined your class just like Hassan. Think and talk about what you can do to offer them peace and make them feel welcomed.