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Good morning Year One and welcome back to a PSHE Lesson!laugh


Today, we are going to be looking at another key value... TOLERANCE.  Have you heard that word before? It's always exciting to learn new words! Tolerance is when you accept others who are different in their race, culture, habits, and even beliefs.


At Gascoigne Primary School, we are so incredibly lucky to have such a diverse range of staff and children working with us. Think about the Year One teachers... we all have so many differences! We come from countries such as Pakistan, Ghana, Congo, Bangladesh, Kosovo, England and many many more... yet we all come together, accepting each others views which enables us to work together as a team to make learning fun.This is called Tolerance


Have a look through the PowerPoint below to see all the differences you could have with your friends.

Can you see how so many children who have many common interests can also be different? It's like going to a picnic and everyone brings a special kind of food, so you end up eating a portion of everyone's food and having an even fuller tummy blush


I'd like to take your minds back to the beginning of Year One, when we looked at the story of Beegu. He was a little alien who was lost. He just wanted some friends, but the problem was that he was different. sad Sadly, in the story, there were a few people that were not very tolerant of Beegu. I wonder if you could spot them after listening to the story. 


Today's Task: 

LO: To understand what it means to be tolerant. 


In the story, there were a few people who were intolerant (not tolerant) of Beegu.

Today, we would like you to choose one of those intolerant (not tolerant) people and write about what you would have done differently if it was you. You could choose either... 


1. The Teacher who threw Beegu out of the playground. 

2. The man who threw Beegu out of the box. 


Make sure to take photos of your learning and share with your teachers on SeeSaw.

Hello To All The Children Of The World

Do you remember this song from our Rights and Respecting assembly? As you sing along, think about how important it is to be TOLERANT!