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Values Education-Friendship

Dear Children,

Today, you'll be learning about friendship.

How are you and your friends similar? 

Think about the friends you have, what do you like about them?

What games or activities do you do together? 


What does it mean to be a good friend? 

Bill and Owen are two young boys who have been the best of friends since birth. They explain how they share things, help each other with school work, and make decisions as a pair. Even though they have their differences, they always make up in the end.




This video is about what makes a friendship special. Each friendship has special qualities or ingredients to them.

Have a listen to what the children in the video think are important ingredients to cook up a good friendship. 

Friendship Soup Recipe

What is the recipe for friendship?



Do you have the same ingredients in your friendship with your friends?

What are the similarities and differences? 

What other ingredients would you add and why? 


Have a think!


Do you think that all friends last forever?

Can everyone be a friend?




Write up your own friendship soup recipe. Decide on the ingredients that are important to you for a good friendship.