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Hi year 3,


As you know, there is a lot going on in our country and the world at the moment and the news can have lots if videos and images which may seem confusing to you.


You may have seen on the news or even know many people protesting for 'Black Lives Matter'. 


First, read the newspaper article from First News about what started the protests.


After reading the newspaper, watch the Sesame Street video below to help you get a better understanding of why people are protesting.


Once you have watched the video, go through the equality and equity document.


Finally, for your task today, we would like you to either create a poster about what you can do to help tackle racism in your community or create your own protest sign. You can even do both if you like!


Feel free to discuss any of the issues in this lesson further with your teacher or your family.

If you would like to know more about what Black Lives Matter is and what it stands for and does, click on this link 

Sesame Street explain Black Lives Matter

📢 Sesame Street 📢 For parents who want to explain racism to young children - Elmo's dad explains racism & Black Lives Matter in this informational video

Equality and Equity Information and Task