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Project Homework

Dear Children,


Our topic for Summer 1 is Superheroes.

Who’s your favourite superhero? Spiderman? Wonder Woman? Maybe your heroes are ordinary people who’ve achieved great things. Or is it those people who save lives in our emergency services that you admire most? Superheroes have super senses.

What do true superheroes eat to keep their senses and special powers sharp?


To get you started, we would like you to complete any of the following projects during the Easter holidays:


  • Use information books and the web to find out about.


  • Guinness World Record holders and their superhuman achievements.


  •  Make a flipbook showing the adventures of a superhero stick person!


  •  Plan or make a lunchbox fit for a superhero.


  •  Watch the news and see if you can spot any stories about people doing heroic things.


  • If you could have a super power, what would it be? Would you be able to fly? Become invisible? See through buildings? Write about some of the adventures you might have.



Have fun! ...oh Please excuse me! I have to save the world.