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Celebrating Our Learning!

Friday 27th March

Mahnoor from Eleyi Ti has carried out lots of research and has written a very informative comparison between Britain and Italy.

Tonis from Roxo class has shown us that he has worked hard all week and has left us all an end of week message!

Muyassar sharing her maths from today and has also created a poster about how to keep everybody in our community safe.

This post doesn't need a description. Iyad has clearly explained what he is sharing with us here.

Damian from Purple class has had a very productive week of home learning. He has shared lot's of his learning with you all and I can't wait to see what you produce next week!

Rehab from Purple class also showing that she is not the only one from Bright Sparks table that has been worked hard all week!

Karim from Purple class showing us all that he has worked hard all week. You also deserve a nice rest this weekend Karim!

Makar from Purple class showing us all how hard he has worked all week! You deserve a nice restful weekend Makar!

Kayke from Roxo class doing his Friday morning routine with his father! Great to see parents getting involved!

Thursday 26th March

Isabella from Jaam class showing us all that she is also staying fit and healthy with Joe Wicks during home learning!

Gayathri from Jaam class has shared her first (of many we hope) pieces of learning today. She has produced some lovely writing, pop art and even drew a picture of herself with her friend Isabella who she must be missing very much!

Tonis from Roxo class giving us a sneak peek at his temporary school desk. We can see why you are producing very good writing!

Muyassar from Eleyi Ti sharing her diary entry and her comparison of roads in Britain before and after the Romans!

Karim from Purple clas has worked very hard on his SPaG today!

Ibrahim from Purple class sharing his second piece of pop art! Well done!

Rehab from Purple class sharing her amazing adjectives learning!

Stefan from Purple class doing his morning work out routine with Joe Wicks!

Wednesday 25th March

Tonis from Roxo class sharing some reading, SPaG and notes about Roman soldiers!

Isabella from Jaam class sharing what she likes about herself, her reading and Roman Army notes.

Karim from Purple class is showing us that he has worked very hard in P.E, Reading and Maths today!

Muyassar from Eleyi Ti - Click on the document below to see his writing (and even some extra art work!) on Holi.

Rehab's SPaG learning (Purple class) - Well done on sharing your first piece of learning. Keep sharing your amazing work!

Ibrahim from Purple class sharing why he appreciates his family and 3 things he likes about himself!

Damian from Purple class sharing today's SPaG learning and comparing Holi with Martishor in R.E!

Kayke from Roxo class - His pop art project!

Stefan from Purple class - Stefan has compared the festivals of Holi and Zagovezni!

Isabella from Jaam class - Diary entry and sharing her PSHE Challenge!

Tuesday 24th March

Damian from Purple class - Well done for sharing your learning every day so far!

Mr Hollingsworth doing his morning P.E session with Joe Wicks!

Monday 23rd March

Ibrahim from Purple class

Isabella from Jaam class

Damian from Purple class

Stefan from Purple class