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Poetry Competition 2015

July 2015


Gascoigne retain the prestigious Barking and Dagenham Poetry Recital Competition!


Displaying performance skills and maturity well beyond that expected of primary age pupils, our poetry group have again won the highly competitive Borough Poetry Competition. This is a fantastic achievement for the children, who have shown incredible levels of commitment, creativity and determination to produce a truly outstanding performance outcome. Their hard work during early morning rehearsals over the last three months has certainly paid off! 


The poetry competition provides a genuinely challenging platform for all schools in the borough to compete at a very high level. Every school needs to learn three poems off by heart, and creates polished performances of each. The poetry group was formed from children in Years 5 or 6 who have displayed a talent for performing the spoken word. Our performance was highly physical, with the pupils using their voices and bodies to evoke the particular atmospheres of the poems. With many of the children having been part of the successful team last year, they have now achieved a truly remarkable feat in retaining the trophy.


This year, Gascoigne’s winning entry consisted of performances of:


“The Paper Dove” by Mark – Age 14 (a compulsory poem, performed by all schools)


“The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe


“Whatif” By Shel Silverstein


Well done to all the children involved. Rumour has it that if we win in 2016, we get to keep the trophy…

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