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There are different parts to each phonics lesson. Please do not do all the lessons on one day, spread them across the week. 


Please upload a video with your child reading and writing the sound. Or a picture of them writing the sound and using it in a word. Upload to your class SeeSaw.

Summer 2


Week 1 - 7th June 

Week 2 - 14th June

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6 


Summer 1

Spring 2
Spring 1

Week 1 - 5th January

Group 1 Phonics

Tuesday 5th January
Wednesday 6th January
Thursday 7th January
Friday 8th January

Group 2 Phonics

Tuesday 5th January
Wednesday 6th January
Thursday 7th January
Friday 8th January

Group 3 Phonics


Tuesday 5th January
Wednesday 6th January
Thursday 7th January
Friday 8th January

What is Read, Write, Inc?

In Read, Write, Inc, children learn phonemes (sounds) and the matching grapheme (letters that are written to represent that sound).


Sounds are divided into three sets:

  • In Reception, children will learn Set 1 sounds and some Set 2.
  • In Year One, children will secure Set 2 and learn Set 3 sounds.
  • When children start Year Two, they will secure all the sounds and will then be able to read. This part of the phonics session is called ‘Speed Sounds’. 


Fred Talk (Green Words)

As part of phonics sessions, children are introduced to Fred Frog once they are ready to start reading words. Fred can only say the sounds in a word and needs children to help him read the word (blend the sounds together). Fred can say the sounds and children will read the whole word. For example, Fred will say the sounds d-o-g and the children will say the word dog. This is called Fred Talk. Fred helps children throughout their phonics journey – he really enjoys sitting on children’s shoulders too! The words which Fred can help with are ‘green’ words – these are all phonetically decodable words.


Red Words
Fred can’t read ‘red’ words are these are sight words – they can’t be sounded out. For example, ‘me’, ‘what’ and ‘come’. Children must learn these words by sight and memory.
To support children these words are printed on to card using their different colours.


Nonsense Words
Nonsense words (also known as alien words) are made-up words using a mixture of the sounds children have learnt. Children need to understand when they are reading nonsense words so that they are not confused by trying to read the words for meaning.


Phonics Home Readers

In addition to home reading books children on the RWI scheme will receive a copy of the decodable text they have been reading in phonics lessons each Friday and this is due back to school the following Tuesday.



Each week we post the videos of the sounds taught. The videos are only valid for 7 days.


Please have a pencil and paper ready for your child to watch the lessons.





Parent video: How to say the sounds

This video will help you teach the correct sound to your child at home.

We have now learnt all the set 1 sounds in RWI. We are assessing the children and will be consolidating these sounds and using them to read longer words. 


We will be posting different sounds and videos to watch each day. Keep using your flash cards at home to read the sounds as quickly as possible. 


Don't forget to learn the words - I - go - the - to - no - into - We want children to know how to read and write these words quickly by Christmas. 

Set 2
If your children are confident with the sounds above. Try these Set 2 special friends (2 letters that make one sound)
Watch this learning to blend video after the letter lesson.
Watch this reading practise after each letter lesson
Red words - Words we can not sound out. 

RWI Set 1 Parent information

RWI Set 2 and 3 information