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At Gascoigne Primary School, Physical Education forms an important part of
the education of each pupil. We aim to promote a holistic approach to develop an
active, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle and encourage our pupils to have the
motivation, confidence, physical and social competence, knowledge and
understanding to maintain physical activity throughout life.

P.E. is about introducing children to the world of sport, which, combined with
an enjoyment of exercise, will hopefully provide the foundations for a healthy and
active lifestyle.

The aims of Physical Education at Gascoigne Primary School are:
• To promote positive attitudes towards physical activity.
• To develop social co-operation and positive attitudes towards others and to compete with a sense of fair play.
• To promote physical activity, physical skills development and a healthy lifestyle.
• To show an awareness, knowledge and understanding of safety when participating in physical activity.
• To encourage lifelong involvement in physical activity.
• To develop fair play through cooperation, collaboration and competition and
manage, to varying levels of success, in competitive and co-operative situations and retain a proper sense of perspective in competition.
• To always try to achieve their personal best.
• To have age appropriate activities.
• To understand the need for rules in games.
• To provide equal opportunities for all children regardless of their race, gender, background or ability, thus providing a programme of study that is inclusive.
• To provide equal opportunities for all children to achieve their full potential, through curricular and extra-curricular sessions.
Each child at Gascoigne Primary School receives two hours of Physical Education curriculum time per week. The teaching of the Physical Education curriculum is broken into the following areas of activity:
• Dance
• Gymnastics
• Invasion Games
• Net and Wall Games
• Striking and Fielding
• Athletics
• Swimming


In accordance with the National Curriculum, children will participate in swimming lessons while in KS2, to ensure they can swim the minimum of 25m.  All pupils are required to learn how to swim. Lessons will be delivered at Abbey Leisure Centre by their swimming instructors.

Non-Participation in P.E. Lessons
Children should only miss P.E. lessons on health grounds, if this is requested
by their parents or guardian either by direct contact with the school or in a letter to
the teacher.
Children who persistently forget their P.E. kit will be reminded of the importance of P.E. and if necessary, a letter will be sent to their parents asking for their co-operation. PE Teachers, Class Teachers and FLP team will work together in order to improve pupils' participation.


Planning and Progression
Each year the children will follow the schools agreed Physical Education scheme of work (Val Sabin). The medium-term planning documents, kept on the school network, will indicate the activities that children will be involved with during the half-term. Individual members of staff will amend the short-term planning for pupils, based on their knowledge of the children’s ability.

Special Needs and Differentiation

Provision will be made for children with special educational needs in P.E.
Physical education in the school will comply with the three basic principles for
inclusion in that it will:
• Set suitable learning challenges
• Respond to pupils’ diverse learning needs
•Strive to overcome potential barriers to learning and assessment for individuals and groups of pupils.
The action necessary to respond to an individual’s requirements for curriculum access will be met through greater differentiation of tasks and materials. Some pupils may need specialist equipment and approaches or to alternative or adapted activities, consistent with school-based intervention augmented by advice and support from external specialists. Teachers and Adults Other Than Teachers (AOTTs) working with the children will be made aware of any pupils who have special educational needs or medical conditions. The Inclusions Managers will liaise with all staff to ensure all pupils’ needs are met in relation to teaching and learning in PE.

Equal Opportunities
The Governing Body will ensure compliance with current legislation regarding Equal Opportunities. All pupils at Gascoigne Primary School will be given equal opportunities to access the P.E. curriculum regardless of race, sex, religion, ethnic group, culture or ability
(including more and less able pupils).
Dress Code for Pupils
It is expected that children will wear the school PE kit during lessons.
This includes:
• White school T-shirt/ Polo shirt
• Black shorts
• Black plimsolls (indoors)/ trainers (outdoors)
• School jumper or fleece (optional due weather conditions).
• Hair band (if child has long hair)
• No jewellery or fancy hair accessories
• The pupils can work with bare feet indoors during gymnastics. Tights must not be
• In outdoor P.E lessons, when it is cold, jogging bottoms and warm tops may be


Mr Reynolds (PE Lead)

If you have a question or query regarding PE, please use the Contact Form below to email the PE Leads.

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