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Monday 27th April

Dear children,


I trust you had an enjoyable day of learning. So how did you get on?


Literacy: Your first paragraph should be completed today. If you feel that you have followed the instructions and you have written a good first paragraph then why don’t you upload it for everyone to see so that they can get some good ideas for their own story?


Maths: Check your answers to see if you are using the correct method for the fractions lesson. Are you getting better at fractions? Recap the lesson if you feel that you are a little unsure. Remember that you should be using the fractions wall to help you recognise the different equivalent fractions.


SPaG: I hope you found the lesson enjoyable and that you are now able to use place and cause conjunctions correctly.


Reading: The answers are now available to check your understanding of Icarus and Daedalus. Make sure you are using the reading comprehension skills you have learned at school. Discuss your answers with your families if you have found anything tricky.


Art: Today, you had an opportunity to look at some architectural art from Ancient Greece. We would love to see your art pieces so why don’t you upload them today?


You are getting lots of quality time to spend with your families so please use this time wisely and do be mindful of your behaviour too. Miss Onyebalu made a very important comment in Friday’s afternoon catch up about how you should be shining your light on the people around you and one example of that is to use kind words and actions. Please don’t forget expected good behaviour which you should be using at home too.

In addition to your school work and activities, you could learn how to help with doing chores; whether that’s helping with preparing meals, washing dishes or general cleaning and tidying around your home. I am sure your families would appreciate this and it is an important life skill too. Why don’t you ask them if they need some help today?


Children, remember to wash your hands for 20 seconds, using soap and water:

· after you blow your nose, cough or sneeze

· before you eat or handle food

· when returning from outside


You can carry on using the breathing exercises whenever you feel you need to calm down or relax. I hope you enjoy your evening.


Mrs Johal (Year 3 Guduud class)

Dear children,


I hope you had a fabulous weekend and that you managed to get some fresh air and sun.

We are super proud of each and every one of you for showing resilience throughout this lockdown period and for following the government’s advice about how to keep yourself safe. A time will come when we can all return to school and enjoy our lessons back in the classroom but until then make sure you are making the most of your learning.

Are you putting in 100% of your effort into your lessons? I am sure you are. We are missing school just as much as you!


Today, we have some awesome learning lined up for you.

PE: We are going to kick start this morning with an energetic workout with Joe Wicks. Perform each movement with purpose and grace.

Writing: You will be writing the introduction to your mythical story. Remember to use all the resources provided.

Maths: You will be learning about fractions on a number line. It might be helpful to have a fractions wall in front of you. You can get one from to look at. Don’t become confused with number 3. The top line gives the whole parts and underneath you have the fractions.

Parents, to supplement your children’s mathematical learning, Carol Vorderman (author of educational material) has opened up her website for free while we are in lockdown. The website is called

SPaG: You will be learning about place and cause conjunctions.

Reading: You will be doing a comprehension about Daedalus and Icarus. Don’t forget to do your independent reading too.

Art: You will be learning about the importance of temples in Ancient Greece and then move onto drawing columns.

Mind Up: During our Mind Up lessons in school, you all learned how to relax using breathing exercises.

To help you relax, you can do some ‘belly breathing’ with Rosita from Sesame Street. Click on the link below:

You can use the relaxing image on the link below to help you focus on your breathing exercises.


I hope you have a lovely day of learning.

Mrs Johal (Year 3 Guduud class)