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Sporting Houses Competition 


Dear Children,

To make sports more fun and competitive, each of you will be allocated to a Sports House in September. Your teachers need your help to choose the best sports house names and this is the time to make your voice heard by selecting a sporting hero to represent one of the sporting houses.




Your task is to choose a favourite sporting hero/heroine and explain why they should represent one of our houses at Gascoigne Primary School.

You can create a fact sheet or poster about your chosen hero.



For example:

My Sporting hero is Lewis Hamilton and he is a Formula 1 driver.

I would like a sporting house to be named after him because:


  • He is a driver at the top of his game and still aspire to be the best
  • He is a fantastic role model who cares about the environment, children, music and fashion
  • He perseveres and shows resilience in his racing activities
  • He shows great determination when it comes to achieving personal goals
  • He is working hard with the United Nations to ensure all children get good education
  • He is focused on helping improve teaching and learning across the world to ensure that children have a good start in their daily learning and continue to make progress


Here are pictures of Lewis Hamilton.





Remember to share your poster or fact sheet with your class teacher on seesaw.


The deadline is Wednesday 22nd July 2020




Have fun!

Competition Poster