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Osan - Ms Essid

Hello Osan!!


This is the last day of Osan class!! I hope you are all sound and safe at home relaxing. What a year it's been. Yes, this year will go down in history and yes, we were a part of it as Mrs Begum said.  It has been an eventful year from which we should all learn.  It has been good seeing some of you develop into more assured learners and some of you try hard I can only say keep hard trying and never give up! It is important that you mature for next year as this will tremendously help you in your learning and help you be ready for what is awaiting you and know that this is only the beginning.


Next year, you will all be in the Shaftesbury’s but I am sure you will be these great learners you have tried and learned to be! I will be checking on you and I am sure I will hear good things. Keep working at home and login in to the different website to refresh your knowledge and keep practising all your timetables!!


A final reminder: if you have any books you borrowed from school or myself, please bring them in to return to me in September it would be good to see you again!😊


Take good care and have a wonderful safe break!


Ms Essid