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Osan Class - Mrs. Stock


 Hello Osan Class, 

As you probably already know I’m Mrs Stock and I’ll be your new teacher in year 5! I am so excited to meet you all in September. I am most looking forward to getting to know you all and learning about the things you like and the things you’re not really sure of. I love teaching Maths, Science and PE 😊 Before I went to university to become a teacher, the first thing I studied at was PE! My special skill as a teacher is to make sure that all of the children in my class try their absolute best – as I will be proud of them no matter what happens and I really like making my class smile and enjoy their day at school 😊 

Over the summer please keep safe, enjoy spending time with your families and keep healthy. 

Don’t forget to wash your hands! I’ll see you in September 😊 

Mrs Stock