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Orange Class - Mr. Ade-Davis

Hello Orange Class (formerly Verde Class),



My name is Mr. Ade-Davis and I am enthused to be your class teacher for the next academic year. 


I hope that you’ve all been safe and well during lockdown. I’m sure that you’ve missed being at school and seeing your friends. Your teachers have missed you too! It truly has been a surreal year to date, one that brings new ways of transitioning into the new year, which is why I’m even more excited for September, so I can see you all. I have heard such positive things about you from your past teachers and have seen you all around school and assemblies, so know I’ve got an enthusiastic group. the first few weeks back will be great opportunities for us to  become aquatinted  with each other and I’m sure we will have lots to learn from each other. 


Some of you would have learnt quite a lot of new things during the last month, things you may have not achieved normally. I have learnt a lot during this lockdown, with one of the most important things being reflection. So, this summer, let us reflect on how year 4 has gone for us. What has been our strengths this year? Where do we still need to grow? What are our goals and ambitions for the new year? ‘Drive’ is an important key to success and  we all need to come together to get there. 


Please ensure that you keep up the practice on TTRockstars and your daily readings. These will both be imperative for a smooth transition to year 5.


“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Henry Ford



Cannot wait to see all of you on September 7th, but until then have a great summer holiday. Stay blessed and take care,


Mr. Ade-Davis