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Nursery's Home Learning 2020 2021

Dear Nursery, 

 We are closed form the 21st of March until 19th April for the Easter Holidays 

Hope you enjoy your holidays  

Stay safe . 




Our summer term topic for after the holidays is 

Splish,Splash, Splosh.


We will explore this topic in a variety of ways

*Discuss our own experiences of water such as swimming,
rainy weather and bath time.

*Have a  take part in Water Day and talk
about how the water made us feel and what we enjoyed about it


* Children will explore capacity by filling and emptying different sized containers of water.

* We will compare amounts by seeing how many smaller containers of water fit into
larger containers

* We will share ideas on how to use water safely and make a set of rules to follow while
playing in the water areas.

* Children will play with water creating different water courses for toy boats and
ducks to travel down. Children will begin to take responsibility for water play and
understand the importance of staying safe including mopping up, wearing aprons and
drying their hands


* Children will explore the way water changes,
for example ice cubes melting.

* Experiment with different objects in the water to see which ones
float and sink.


* Children will continue to engage in imaginative role play activities with their
friends e.g. pirates searching for treasure.

*Children will explore different ways of using paint with water e.g. dripping paint on wet
paper or dropping marble inks in water


The key texts through which we will be exploring our topic are as follows. 
Mr Gumpy’s Outing
I Love Boats
Mrs Pirate
Pirate Piggy Wiggy
Archimede’s Bath
Lost and Found
The Red Bath

Along side this we will be continuing to read daily other stories around the themes and interests of the children