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Gascoigne Students Wow At Poetry Competition

Students from Gascoigne Primary attended the borough wide Poetry Competition recently where they received plaudits from judges and audience members alike. The school had good form going into the competition having won the previous two years.


Unfortunately this year the competition was much tougher and despite the children's best efforts we did not win, but we did receive recognition for an outstanding contribution from the Director of Education, Helen Jenner.


Dear Jo,
I am writing to congratulate Gascoigne on the excellent contribution to today’s poetry competition. All the entries this year were of a very high quality and it was extremely difficult for our judges to choose the winning school. Please thank the staff and children for the hard work they put into the competition. 
I felt that the children’s enunciation was very clear and that, in the main, they spoke together very well, with a good sense of timing. The quality of acting was extremely strong, with excellent facial expression, which really helped to convey the meaning of the poem, and the real joy of recitation! I felt that the choice of I know why the caged bird sings was a powerful and ambitious statement and the children did well to convey the poignancy of this moving poem. The Jabberwocky really gave the children a chance to use a variety of pace and to feed tone and quality into their performance. 
As the children’s confidence in reciting poetry grows I am sure they will refine their skills in listening carefully to each other and making sure the dynamics  carefully reflect the tone and rhythm of the poem. On occasion strong projection slipped into shouting but, overall, the variation in pitch and pace was extremely impressive.
Listening to such skilled recitation in our young people is always a joy  - you must be very proud of what was achieved today.
Best Regards