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Barking Remembers Srebrenica Massacre

Barking residents, along with pupils from Gascoigne Primary School, gathered to remember the victims of the Srebrenica Massacre.


Pupils from Gascoigne Primary School, along with members of the public, gathered outside of Barking Town Hall to commemorate the victims of the Srebrenica massacre.


The slaughter saw over 8,000 Muslims killed in the Bosnian town in 1995.
Barking’s different faiths came together to condemn what Dep Cllr Saima Ashraf described as “the single greatest atrocity in Europe since WWII”.
Bishop Trevor Mwamba led the service, children from Gascoigne Primary school recited Mihab Sheikh’s poem Tormented Hearts, and a memorial flag was raised.


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Sadness hangs over
Like a dark cloud
Ready to spill
Dark secrets.
Snowy white hills
Frozen, still
Tainted by the
Dark designs
of an evil man's
Rivers flow
As they always did
The sun sets and rises
On a land butchered,
Violated, desecrated.
The silence is
Where is the outcry,
The indignation, the protest?
Women sit in
Broken homes
For the wait
To end.
Someone might
Hear their story
As it murmurs through
The chilling landscape.
In the face of denial
Rages a truth
Eyes that saw too much
Meet with
Eyes that saw nothing.
Tormented hearts
Pause for a moment
At the smallest thought
Of freedom.
-Tormented Hearts
by Mihab Sheikh

Message from Chair of Governors
Thank you very much Jo and all the staff of Gascoigne Primary School and especially the students.  

The Tormented Hearts poem was an emotional and potent reading that affected many people who listened.  It will certainly help to encourage people to remember the messages of the memorial.  I forwarded the video of the children’s presentation to Dr. Waqar Azmi OBE Chairperson of the Remembering Srebrenica.  He thanked the children and described their piece as ‘Very powerful’.  Can you please share this with the children.  
Thank you. 
-Cllr Rahat Ismail