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Dear Family,


Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to party in Rio!


Our topic for Summer 2 is 'Rio de Vida.' This term, we’ll dress up in bright clothes, hang out the bunting and enjoy a carnival party with our families! Also, we'll read stories about carnivals and write about our carnival experiences. 

Furthermore, we'll learn to speak some Portuguese (the official language of Brazil), study maps and globes to locate Brazil and decide what it would be like to live there.


As we learn more about Brazil, we’ll explore famous legends, follow recipes to make Brazilian carnival treats and research Brazilian facts where we'll make mini-books out of it. We'll even extend our learning to include finding out about celebrations in different parts of the world as well. 

At the end of our project, we’ll perform songs and recite poems that we have written, record our performances and share with our friends and teachers. 


To get you started, we'll like you to choose any of the following projects to complete. Remember to take photos of your learning or project journey to share with your friends and teachers.



  • Design and create your own bright and colourful carnival outfit. Use old clothes, unwanted fabrics and any other fabulous decorations, such as feathers or sequins.


  • Retell the story of the animated film Rio to your family, then make a mini book using words and pictures.  Click on the link below to watch the film.


Rio movie


Rio 2 movie


  • Find out about some more of Brazil’s exotic birds and animals. Are any endangered? What does this mean? Draw some of these animals and write their names. Talk about why they are endangered.


  • Choose a Brazilian animal to look at in more detail. Draw it and label the parts of its body. Write a fact file about it, including what it likes to eat and where it might live.


  • Find out about some famous Brazilian sports stars – you could choose Pele, Neymar or Ayrton Senna. Unearth some interesting facts to impress your classmates!



Remember to make your learning as creative as possible!


Have a fun learning and restful half term and please stay safe!


Year 1 Team.









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