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Hello Year 2!


For your Music lesson today you will need to login into your Yumu accounts, these login details were sent to your parents. You may need to ask them to have a look through their emails, if you still cannot find it, then you can send a message to Miss Shermin and we will send you your login details.


Our topic for music is 'Friendship Songs'. I have been on the site this morning and there are some really lovely songs for you all to listen to and sing along to. One song I noticed was from one of my favourite films Toy Story, its called 'You've got a friend in me'. If you listen carefully to the lyrics it has a beautiful meaning to it, it also got me clicking my fingers and and clapping.


I hope you enjoy, have a look at the steps below, once you login, you will need to click 'Music at home- Friendship Song'. Next, it will take you to your music page with some instructions for you to follow, just like below for example. Thirdly, click the songs on the right hand side, the first song for today's lesson is the friendship song, every week there will be a different song to practice. 


Be sure to turn your sound up! Maybe your parents could record you, so we could have a listen!


Welcome to Music At Home!

Friendship Song: Music At Home

These activities follow on from the learning your child has been doing in school. Every time you do a Music At Home session, work through some or all of the activities together.

Listen to a different Listen and Appraise song each time, starting with Friendship Song. Talk about the music using the questions as a guide. When you have heard every song, do you know which theme links them all?

Pick either the Warm-up Games or Flexible Games Track and find the pulse (the heartbeat of the music) by marching around, or copy the rhythms (long and short sounds) by clapping the patterns back.

Listen to Sing the Song and then join in, a verse at a time. When you feel ready use the ‘backing only’ and be the singing stars! Can you follow the shape of the pitch (high and low sounds) with your hand?


Create your own patterns for Improvise with the Song, each pattern should last for four counts (beats) to fill the gap.


Perform – find an instrument around your home, or make one and play along. You might want to video this to share with your teacher. Can you draw a poster of all the things friends can do for each other?