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Dear Children,


Log into your YUMU and complete your activities on 'In The Groove' Step 3

Your next activity is to listen and appraise - In The Groove, Blues by Joanna Mangona


Listen and Appraise - In The Groove, Blues by Joanna Mangona: Play the song. Use your body to find the pulse whilst scrolling through/using the on-screen questions as a focus. The coloured timeline denotes the song sections. 

After listening, talk about the song and answer the questions together using correct musical language.



Musical Activities (embed with increasing depth over time. Refer to the Unit Overview and use the Activity Manual for guidance) a. Warm-up Games (including vocal warm-ups) - In The Groove, Blues b. Flexible Games (an optional extension activity) c. Learn to Sing the Song - In The Groove, Blues: Start to learn to sing the song.



Play the songs, find and move to the pulse. Use the on-screen questions (see below) as a focus. Scroll through the questions when you are listening to the song, talk about them after listening. The answers are below.

● Do you like the songs?

● What can you hear?

● What is the style of this music?

● How are the songs put together?


Some extra listening ideas:

● Perhaps watch a clip of Let The Bright Seraphim on YouTube?

● Listen to ‘In The Groove’ again

● Look for similarities and differences between the songs


Appraising After listening to the song.

Answer the on-screen questions, discuss the song and what you can hear in it. Encourage the use of correct musical language when responding. The detailed answers below will provide you (the teacher) with more than enough information to use flexibly with children of all abilities. You may not use all the information given but it will equip you with the necessary musical knowledge and understanding. In The Groove (Blues version) by Joanna Mangona Information about the Song In The Groove is a song that was specially written for classroom use to teach children about different styles of music. This is a very easy song to learn and has been arranged in six different styles; Blues, Baroque, Latin, Bhangra, Folk and Funk. Each week you will listen and learn a different style of In The Groove. In the Listen and Appraise section of this unit you will also listen to a well known song in that week’s style. This week’s style is Blues.


Do You Like the Song? It doesn't matter if you like or don't like a song or a piece of music. Think about the reasons why you do or don't.


First,  play the song.

Then, move to the music or sit down to listen with closed eyes.

After listening, talk about the song and answer the questions with your family using the correct musical language.



Discuss and share your thoughts with your family about the song that you have heard. 


Have musical fun!! Sing along and enjoy!!


Year 1, you can record yourself singing and appreciating music and upload it on Seesaw. I am sure your teachers are looking forward to listening to your musical voices.