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Lesson 2: Reflect, Rewind and Replay 


Dear Children,

Log in with your YUMU Login details and complete your set activities.


Task 1- Listen and Appraise (Reflect and Rewind)

● Listen and Appraise - The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky (from the 20th century):

● Rewind and Listen Out! When I'm 64 by The Beatles. A listening activity to remember songs, instruments and their sounds.



Task 2- Musical Activities (Reflect, Rewind and Replay)

● Warm-up games with Hey You!

● Composition activity using First Composer

● Rhythm Grid work

● The Language of Music - Music has its own language which you will get familiar with over time. Watch the cartoons and videos to embed your learning.

● Rewind and Replay (Revision) - revisit songs from the year


Have fun!