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Hello Year 2,


For your music lesson today, we are focusing on a new topic this term! Last term we looked at the 'friendship songs', however this term we will be focusing on a new topic 'reflect, rewind and replay'. You will need to log into your Yumu accounts! Don't panic if you are not sure of your login details, you can message us on SeeSaw or send an email to Ms Shermin.

You will still need to click onto the 'Reflect, Rewind and Replay Year 2 - Step 1'. You only need to complete step one today as it is the first lesson this term. Once you click on this you have 13 pieces of music to listen to.


Take your time and listen carefully, think about the beats and what the message is!


Talk about the music using the questions as a guide. When you have heard a few songs, do you think you could identify the message behind them?
Pick either the Warm-up Games or Flexible Games Track and find the pulse (the heartbeat of the music) by marching around, or copy the rhythms (long and short sounds) by clapping the patterns back.

Listen to Sing the Song and then join in, a verse at a time. When you feel ready use the ‘backing only’ and be the singing stars! Can you follow the shape of the pitch (high and low sounds) with your hand?

Create your own patterns to improvise with the Song, each pattern should last for four counts (beats) to fill the gap.

Perform – find an instrument around your home, or make one and play along. You might want to video this to share with your teacher. Can you draw a poster of all the things friends can do for each other?