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Reflect, Rewind and Replay 


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1. Listen and Appraise (Reflect and Rewind)


  •  Listen and Appraise - A Song Before Sunrise by Frederick Delius (Early 20th Century) 
  • Rewind and Listen Out! The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air by Will Smith. A listening activity to remember songs, instruments and their sounds.


2. Musical Activities (Reflect, Rewind and Replay)


  • Composition activity using First Composer
  • Rhythm Grid work
  • The Language of Music - Music has its own language which you will get familiar with over time. Watch the cartoons and videos to embed your learning.
  •  Rewind and Replay (Revision) - revisit songs from the year.


Key questions

What can you hear?

How does the music make you feel?

“How old do you think this music is?

Does the music tell a story?

Do you like the music?