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 Florence Nightingale's Timeline

Florence Nightingale has achieved so much in her life and you have found out a lot of information about her just like Mary Seacole.

You are now going to make a timeline of Florence Nightingale's life events.  You can design your timeline however you would like,  but remember it has to be in chronological order. That means the dates must be in order of how it happened in her life.

Have a look at the power point below, it gives you the dates of her life. It actually has a timeline example for you to refer to.However, you do not have to include all those dates. You could choose 6 key facts (or less for some of you if you wish) but remember the dates have to be in order.

Then you can recite Florence Nightingale's life events in order to your family or even record it for us to hear… that would be GREAT!

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Timeline of Florence Nightingale