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Your Imagination 

Listen and Appraise

Your Imagination by Joanna Mangona and Pete Readman


Dear Children, 

The first task for today is to listen and appraise a piece of music.


First, log into your Yumu-email the school office or send a message to your class teacher on Seesaw if you've forgotten your Yumu LogIn so they can help you.



Click on the the tab Listen 

On the screen you will see the following instruction: Listen carefully. Perhaps close your eyes. You could move with the pulse. Use your imagination as you enjoy the music.

You might see colours, words, pictures, or encounter lots of different feelings. Share some of this with your  family and teachers on Seesaw after you have listened.


 Now,play the music. Move to the music or sit down to listen with closed eyes. You can make notes, draw, write down any words that spring to their minds and discuss with your family or teachers on Seesaw. For example you can create your own listening map , that is pictures of what you hear.



After listening to the song, answer the on-screen questions. When you finish, click ‘Show answer’ and an answer will appear! Remember to use the correct musical language when responding.


Key questions:

● Does this song tell a story? Perhaps the words tell a story or perhaps the music creates a story in your imagination. What is that story?

● What can you hear? Keyboard, drums, bass, a female singer.

● How does the music make you feel? Music brings many emotions along with it and often each person feels something different. Perhaps you can share how the music makes you feel with your family or teacher on Seesaw.

● What did you like about the song? It doesn't matter if you like or don't like a song or a piece of music. Think about the reasons why you do or don't.



Now you can move on to explore the other tasks after listen and appraise.

Have fun!