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Mrs Vora

Hello, Year 2!!!smiley


How are you all? I hope you are all healthy and safe. It is that time of the year again when we look forward to some sunlight, longer days, egg hunts and eating lots and lots of chocolate nests and Easter eggs………..Yum Yum!!!! I know this year, Easter holidays are slightly different as we cannot go to the park, go out to play or just go out and about, but if you think with a positive mindset you might realise that this year it is time to spend some QUALITY time with our family; it is time to cherish the bond that we share and play games that we always wanted to play. I have been playing card games and Karaoke with my family. I have been using mind breaks .......if I lose my games wink


 Use this time wisely to learn something new, to develop a hobby or to run errands and do chores for your family. I have been helping my son to learn how to iron a shirt!!! You can learn something new with the help of your family.


Use this time to read, visit Bug Club, log on to Purple Mesh, My Maths and TT Rock Star. We have put a few things for you on the school website as well to keep you busy. Thank you to all those children who have shared their work with us. I was so impressed by looking at the lovely work that you have been doing.


Have a good Easter break, don’t eat too many chocolate eggslaugh and if you do, don’t forget to brush your teeth otherwise your dentists won’t be happy. wink

We all miss you and looking forward to seeing you all back in school but meanwhile stay at home and stay safe. Have a restful break.


Lots of love 

Mrs. Vora