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Movement at home

It is during early childhood that children are more willing to try new activities. Physical activities promotes healthy growth and development. It helps build a healthier body composition, stronger bones and muscles. It also improves the child’s cardiovascular fitness. Physical activities helps in the development of better motor skills and in concentration and thinking skills 


Physical activities should be integrated into young children’s lives to create a foundation of movement and activity which will be carried with them throughout the rest of their lives. Children who have higher levels of physical activity during their childhood are likely to be more active even after they mature. This is important for better health and well-being

Spring Term 

Topic of Patterns 

Cosmic Kids Yoga DANCE PARTY!

Everyone has really enjoyed the yoga videos
This is another excellent way to get some exercise in and help with our well being

We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure about about going on a bear hunt! (Inspired by the wonderful book by Michael Rosen)⭐ Sign up for FREE access to our Yoga Quest c...

 We have been learning all about patterns 

Weaving is an easy way for the children to see these patterns . You can follow the video link to try this at home. It be done with things you already have at home 


You can also cut up strips of paper to weave into another piece of paper .

Introduction to Weaving for Kids

This introduction to weaving for kids is a great craft-at-home activity because it uses just cardboard and basic craft supplies you probably have around the ...

Clapping Machine is a great brain breaks song engaging kids with clapping patterns | Jack Hartmann

Clapping Machine is a great brain breaks song engaging children with listening carefully for clapping patterns. Children see the movements and follow along. ...

Action Songs for kids | The Singing Walrus

Children love the movements in this video.
Help the children to copy the movements in the song.
Can you think of other ways of moving?

Christmas Songs 

We are learning new Christmas songs . Use the song sheets to learn the words 

Can you add your own actions and percussion ? What instruments would you use?

Can you sing the song quietly or loudly?
We would love to see your singing and dancing , send us your dance moves on the seesaw app.

Father Christmas song

Use the song sheet pdf file below to sing along to the Father Christmas song.

Here We Go Round The Christmas Tree Song.mp3

Use the song sheet pdf file below to sing along to Here we go round the Christmas tree song

Five Little Elves Song.mp3

Use the song sheet pdf file below to sing along to Five little elves song

Fun Christmas Theme wake n shake Dance for kids

Happy Holidays ! This is my Christmas Dance, warm up , energiser for kids . The routine could be done outside in a hall , or even in the classroom .

SCARF DANCE | KIDS DANCE | Little Movers Prop Dance | Children's Tutorial

We have been using scarf's and streamers to move in a variety of ways. It is a great way for children to listen and follow simple instructions too.

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

Try some of the work outs with the body coach .
It is important to do this daily to build up strength.

Yoga Time! | On The Farm | Cosmic Kids

⭐ Sign up for FREE access to our Yoga Quest challenge where you print out fun maps & check-off yoga adventures: ⭐ You'l...