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Monday's Learning

Good afternoon Year 1,

This is Mrs Coffie againsmiley.  We hope you enjoyed today's learning activities especially your PE session with Joe Wicks. How high could you lift your knees up? What about the star jumps? Did you meet the 40 second challenge? Always remember to get a drink after each exercise as it helps. 

We hope you were able to create your own stories and share with your families. We can't wait to read them!

Please look out for tomorrow's learning. It's going to be exciting!  




Good morning Year 1smiley

 It's Mrs Coffie here. I hope you're keeping well and eager to start today's fun learning.

Please follow the timetable and work through all the activities. Where you need help, ask your parents to support you or tell them to drop us an email.

In your second Maths activity, you will need a ruler to complete part of it. Remember to start from the zero mark on the ruler as we’ve practised in our previous lessons.

We’re also looking forward to reading your narratives. As readers, we need to see neat handwriting with your ascenders and descenders formed correctly, so we can get a better understanding of what you’ve written. Remember to keep your stories simple but interesting! I’ll check on you later in the day to see how you’re getting on.