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Monday's Learning

Hello again Year One, I’m back!!!

Hope you enjoyed today’s learning? How did you get on? Did you enjoy reading the book of the week about Firefighters? I found the information very interesting. Did you find out any new facts? I’m looking forward to reading what you have discovered, so make sure you share it with us on Seesaw. 
Did you enjoy creating your piece of art for a key worker? What material did you use? What did you do with the material to get it to the final product? I’ve seen some amazing work and I can’t wait for some more. 


Well done on all your hard work today - keep it up!

Bye for now and have a lovely evening.


Mrs Jean-Baptiste

Hello again Year 1s,  


It’s Mrs Jean-Baptiste here again with the Biggest, Bubbliest Happy Monday! Hope you and your families all had a fun relaxing weekend.


Why not start your day off by first preparing your body and mind with one of Joe’s energising workouts.


The book of the week looks interesting, I’m quite sure you’ll agree, it’s all about ‘Firefighters’ one of our superhero key workers. We can’t wait to see what you’ll find out and share with us. Remember to use all the writing tools in your toolbox.


Art looks amazing, it’s about ‘Appreciating a Superhero’. You did some work recently on superheroes, who was your superhero? what super qualities did they have?  It is important especially during this time that we share lots of appreciation for our amazing key workers who are superheroes working to keep us all safe.  


Have a fun day and enjoy your learning.

Send us a message if you need support with any of your learning.


Bye for now, I’ll check in later.