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Monday's Learning

Hello again!

I'm back, just like I promised wink

How was your day?! Did you get though all your learning? I've had a really productive one going through all of my SeeSaw notifications from E Kalter class. I'm a little bit jealous of the other teachers because I don't just miss my class, I miss ALL the children in year one, especially some of my friends in the other classes! Have you been sending your learning to your teachers to make them smile? You can post your daily activities on SeeSaw! If you're not signed up yet, politely ask your mummy or daddy to check their emails/parent mail for their code to sign up as soon as you can!!! 


I'm hoping you were able to write your own non-chronological report on a superhero. I can't wait to read about their individual acts of heroism!.... oh how did you find the Maths? It's going to slowly going to be more challenging this week so make sure you've really got the hang of it today. 


Well done guys. I am so super duper proud of every single one of you. Working from home is not easy so please make sure you're being kind to each other and kind to yourself by having healthy brain breaks and an opportunity to get moving and stretching. I can't wait till I see every single one of those dazzling smiles again soon! 


Lots of Love, 

Miss Hagger x 




Good morning Year One!


Happy Monday and I am SO excited to be back chatting with you all again! How was your weekend? Did you manage to have some fun with your families? I hope you did! I know times are a bit tricky at the moment, but we get through by looking out for each other and staying safe. I know we're not at school and not seeing each other, but all of your teachers are at their computers during the day just waiting for a message from you should you need us. You have got a lot of cool learning to get up to today, so I'll make this announcement as quick as I can. 


Today, you have the opportunity to finish off your non-chronological report of your chosen superhero, which you started putting notes together about  from last week. I realised that most of you wrote sentences and created outstanding mind maps about your heroes as well. Now, as your write your report, I would like you to rehearse your sentences orally before you write, use capital letters at the correct places and form your letters correctly. 

 In maths, you are learning to halve an object using shapes to start with, just ensure you work carefully whilst splitting the objects because they have to be split equally.


I'm so excited about Art and Design as you would be making 3D sculptures. We want you to get as creative as possible and use your imagination. Remember to send a message to your teacher on Seesaw if you need help.


Best of luck and I'll pop back in at 3 pm to check on you! 


Miss Hagger laugh