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Monday's Learning


Hello it’s me again, Ms SatnarineJ

How has your day been?  Have you being able to complete your daily learning and did you remember to exercise today? I did….and it’s been an interesting day!

Right, so in your writing you are beginning to collect information on Mary Seacole … keep going!

I’m sure some of you used objects to make your groups and share … I wonder what objects you used? You can share them with your teachers on seesaw. I bet you all got on fine with this activity. If not help is always out there. Just let us knowJ.

Well, we are waiting to see your wonderful art work of repeated images and the beautiful colours you used. Andy Warhol is such a clever modern artist and I’m sure you’ll say the same!

Of course, remember to keep up with your spelling, phonics, handwriting and lots and lots and lots of reading!! All of this will keep your brains going. Our hippocampus, prefrontal cortex and amygdala yearns for it.

Don’t forget that all learning can be shared with your class teacher and we are eager to see them and respond back to you.

I’ll leave you now so you can help your parents to cook your tea.

Remember to have an early night as rest is good for the brain!



Hello Year 1, it’s Ms Satnarinelaugh


Congratulations to the winners of last week's Reading Champions! The race is on, so remember to read daily, write a review about your book, ask your adult to take a photo and share it with your class teacher. 

I hope you had a great weekend, with you going outside for an hour’s exercise or playing in your garden; even better, playing some fun board games with your family. Whatever it may have been I hope you enjoyed yourselves.


I know you all are familiar with Mary Seacole’s life story and can stand in front of your family and tell them key facts about Mary, using wonderful sentences. Today you'll be re-visiting Mary Seacole's life story and begin to put information together to write a non-chronological report about her. So get your writing tools ready and give out your best.


In maths we will begin with introducing you to grouping by sharing and we will take you through step-by-step strategies for you to get a better understanding. 


Who loves art...? You will have some fun with this artist and I know you're going to use different techniques to produce some amazing drawings.  


So much fun learning to do, I just can’t mention them all or we’ll be here all day!  


Oh one more thing remember you can upload pictures of your learning to the new program ‘see saw’ and each class teacher can comment on your learning. We just can’t wait!


I’ll check back with you all in the afternoon. Have fun!