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Monday's Learning

Hello again Year 1s,

Hope you all enjoyed today’s learning yes.

How did you get on with the arrays in Maths? I bet you now easily know the difference between a row and a column. Just to test your understanding, what is the position of a row down or across?

Now, name the position of another array. Were you able to say the multiplication fact of the arrays and go on to solve them?

 You all worked hard Well Done! I know you will continue to master all the 2, 5 and 10 times tables to help you on your way.


How is your significant person write up going? Don’t you think it’s very interesting to find things out about people?  Why don’t you now impress someone by re-telling them the interesting facts you’ve found out about your significant person.  

We’re all so proud of your efforts and hard work, keep it up.
               Bye for now have a GREAT  evening!


Ms Jean-Baptiste laugh.




Good Morning Year 1s,

It’s Mrs Jean-Baptiste here, 😀 missing you all.

Hope you had an enjoyable and restful weekend and now you are refreshed and ready for another week of fun interesting learning.

Today Maths is another fun lesson which involves learning about arrays, lots of columns and rows, the challenge at the end, to create your own sounds exciting.


In writing, you can now finally show off all your knowledge about your significant person but don’t forget it can only be Super if you use your writing tools through your writing.

I know you can’t wait to get started so that’s enough from me.

I’ll be back to see how you all got on in the afternoon.

Have Fun!