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Monday's Learning

Good afternoon Year 1,

It’s Mrs Coffie againlaugh!

I’m back to check on how you got on with your learning. I read the story of Mary Seacole and found a lot of interesting facts about her. I learnt that Mary opened and run a hospital where she looked after British soldiers and sailors. What did you find out? Did you remember to use all your writing tools in your writing? I’m looking forward to celebrating your amazing learning.


I believe you enjoyed working in the style of Roy Lichtenstein today in your ART lesson. Which onomatopoeia word Pop Art did you design today? How did it make you feel? Which technique did you enjoy using? All your teachers are so proud of your learning and looking forward to celebrate with you.


I joined in to learn to count in 10s with some of your friends in the morning when it was Maths learning time, and they really made me proud as they could work out 3 lots of 10 and even 7 lots of 10. They really challenged me with their brilliant thinking!


How did you find counting in 10s at home? Did you manage to work out 3 lots of 10? (Just whisper how you worked out your answer to me).


Well done to you all for your great effort today! I’ll leave you now, but remember to go to bed early so you get enough rest and are ready for tomorrow’s learning.


Lots of love heart




Good morning Year 1,

It’s Mrs Coffie herelaugh.

I am missing you all SO much and I’m looking forward to seeing your lovely faces and listen to all the amazing things you have been up to with your families.


We’re proud of all your hard work over the weeks and I can understand how challenging it must be at the moment for you to concentrate on your home learning. Your efforts are very impressive and well done for always trying your best. The pieces of learning that your parents have been sending to us are just AWESOME!


We’re excited about our new topic, ‘Superheroes,’ because there are a lot of heroic things happening around us; with us being part of it. We all are heroes  in one way or the other because we continue to go beyond our limits to make a difference in other people’s lives in a lot of ways.

 Now, get your hero hats on, ready to delve into the lives of some amazing heroes.


This week, you’ll be reading a book about a nurse, who was very brave during the war and sailed far across the sea to offer help to the soldiers at war; this story is based on real events in history.

The nurse is called Mary Seacole and I’m sure some of you might have heard about her. After reading the text, you’ll be completing a writing task. Please remember to check for the following:

-Neat handwriting

-Spelling (common exception words)

-Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops

-Conjunction – ‘and’ to extend your sentences


In Maths, you’ll be counting in 10s which most of you are great at already, but what does it mean to count in 10s? How much do you add each time? What does 3 lots of 10 mean?


How have you been getting on with being a POP Artist? Have you been following the style of Roy Lichtenstein? There are more brilliant ideas to support you get on with your artwork- just have a look in your ART folder!


I’ll be checking on you in the afternoon, but for now, enjoy your learning and….oh remember to email us if you need support with any of your learning, we ‘re just next door!


Bye for now.