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Monday's Learning

Hello Year 1, I’m back …did you miss me?

Have you been thinking about your favourite sports person and what you may want to name a house? I quite like Lightening Bolt after Usain Bolt. What do you think?

Well, you are getting so amazing at telling the time… now you know quarter past. In school we enjoyed the practical activity making quarter, half and full turns. Some of us got confused with clockwise and anti-clockwise but all we need to do is keep practising.

Did you enjoy the story about a new boy starting school? It was so sad to know what happened to his uncle and that he had to leave his country. Think about the new children who came into your class from another country… how could you make them feel welcomed and safe? I’m sure you wrote some great sentences about what happened in the story and used subordinate clauses to extend your sentences. Hassan was nervous and upset because he started a new school. I added a subordinate clause to extend my sentence and say why he was upset.

I can’t wait to see your wonderful pop up cards. Did you make one for me?…..I’m only joking. What did you make and why did that person deserve it?

As always, keep practising your handwriting and read… read…read…

Until the next time we meet, I bid you adios (Spanish for goodbye).


Ms Satnarine X


Hello my Superstar Year ones! I hope you are all feeling well and safe. I just could not wait to share some exciting news with you.

Who’s ready for a competition…? YAY!  Ok so when you come back to school in September all children will belong to a sporting house. There will be five houses but they do not have any names yet. To enter you will draw a picture of your sporting idol and write why they are your favourite person and why they should be named one of Gascoigne houses.  Of course they are not going to be real houses built but you’ll be able to see more information about this online… so get your sporting brains on… Oh yes I forgot to say there are prizes for the winning entries J


On top of that we have our daily learning to complete. In maths you have been looking at time, O’clock, half past and now you will be learning about quarter past. We use time every single day, hour, minute and second and you are beginning to know and understand how to measure time, whoopee!


For writing you are starting a new book… how marvellous!  I wonder what the book is about. Who are the characters? Is it a fiction or non-fiction book? I bet you can’t wait to read it or get someone to read it to you. The SPaG activity today will help you in your writing because you will be practising those subordinate clauses. What is that you may ask… well you will see?


In DT you are making pop up cards…how exciting! If you don’t know how to make one there are instructions to help you.  Who would you like to give it to?


You have been doing such great learning but we would like to see more of your quality learning on seesaw … Keep it up along with your daily exercise and I’ll be back later!

Ms Satnarine X