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Monday's Learning

Good Afternoon Year 1s smiley,


How did you get on with today’s learning? Did you enjoy and have fun being an author mapping out your story ideas?  A good author always includes things to capture and keep the reader’s interest so don’t forget to include them in your story map and story writing. 


Did you find out what bunting is and how it can be used? I bet you all had fun making your decorative piece. Once you have finished with your creation post it on Seesaw all the teachers can’t wait to see your lovely work.


Well done for all your effort and hard work today, we are all so very proud of you. Keep it up. 


Bye for now, enjoy the rest of your day.

Mrs Jean-Baptistesmiley


Good Mornings Year 1s and HAPPY MONDAY! smiley,


Hope you and your family had an enjoyable weekend filled with lots of fun.


Are you awake and ready to take on Today’s learning? I can hear a big YES! from your all. Why not start off with Phonics and SPaG, daily practice means you will improve on your reading and writing skills, which would make you a better reader and writer now who wouldn't want that to show off to your teacher.


In Literacy your continuing with the story Malaika’s Costume. You have an amazing part to play because you are going to take on the role of an author lucky you. Think of some books which have enjoyed reading, what did the author use that made you really enjoy the book? 


In Design and Technology, you have to make your own bunting. Have you heard of bunting? Do you know what it is? Well once you find out I’m quite sure you’ll be super excited to use your imaginative and creative flair to create your own great work.   


You can next do some reading, daily reading is important, it helps to develop your reading skills. Did you know authors love to read and have read lots and lots of books and that’s how they come up with amazing ideas to piece together to write SUPERB stories. I know you still in the race to become a reading champion so remember to read 2 books, complete a book review, then post them on Seesaw.


Bye for now, I’ll check on you again in the afternoon.

Have a great day.   

Mrs Jean-Baptisteheart