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Monday's Learning

Good afternoon Year One! laugh

How was your Monday? The year one team have been in school today working with the children who came in, doing all the same tasks you’ve been doing at home. So even though we’re not together in person, we’re tied together in learning and discovery… which I think is even more special. Your friends at school are doing all the same work you are at home. Which means that in September when you all see each other again, you will have loads to talk about.  


I wonder if you’ll talk about Malaika – and how she makes a beautiful carnival outfit. Speaking of that, did you write your list of equipment today? We had some really inventive costumes being planned in school. One of the children wanted to decorate her costume with fairy sparkles! I don’t know if I’ve got those in our classroom cupboard…  


I wonder how you got on with the maths? I’ve been working hard on my sequencing today. Let’s see if I can do it…  

First I woke up and had some breakfast. Next I got in my car and drove to school. Then I got to E Kalter class and let the children come in and start their spellings. After that we worked on our literacy learning, and completed a list. Then we worked on our maths, and finally I said goodbye and the children went home.  

What do you think? Have I met the LO? I think I managed to sequence time! YES!  


What I really want to know, is if any of you have made some CAKES?! Oh my gosh I’m so excited to see them! Please make sure if you have, that you send them in via SeeSaw. (I wish you could send actual cakes over SeeSaw, I’m feeling a bit peckish now with all this talk of cakes!) 


I hope you have a lovely evening and relax, ready for another day of learning tomorrow. We are still missing you all so much. I can’t wait to walk into Rights Respecting Assembly next year and see a room FULL of faces smiling back at me. You are all doing so well and every single one of us are so proud of you all. Keep up the hard work!  


Lots of love,  

Miss Hagger heart x 




Good morning Year One, and happy Monday! laugh


It's Miss Hagger here, hoping you've all had a lovely weekend? Mine has been lovely (despite the rain giving us a surprise hello...). I went for a lovely walk over the park and tried to fill my lungs up with as much air as possible. Maybe try it? Go outside or open a window and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind, ready for all the new information you're about to learn!


Today we have loads of lovely learning for you to try today so get your thinking caps at the ready. 

Today in literacy you're going to be starting your little project of making your own costume, just like Malaika. You need to spend the day thinking about all the things you might need to make the costume, and then list them down. 


In maths, you're going to be looking at sequencing time with some new words. Read through the sheet provided and see if you can fill in the gaps using the correct mathematical vocabulary. 


D&T today is looking SUPER fun. (I wish I could get to see the results of this lesson, just to have a taste test...!) That's right, you're going to be making some celebration cakes! Make sure to send us in some pictures! 


Make sure to slowly work through the phonics, spellings, reading and SPaG work too! It's really important you do these every day to keep all those strategies in place, ready for year 2 in September. 


We are missing you all lots and are so super duper proud of you all. Keep up the hard work guys! We're all in this together so drop us a message via SeeSaw if you need anything. 


Good Luck!


Miss Hagger heart