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Monday's Learning

Good afternoon Year 1,

It's Mrs Coffie againlaugh

 I was thrilled to see some of you in school today and it was amazing to spend time listening to some of the things you've been doing whilst on lockdown. 


I hope you've all managed to get through today's learning and have shared your best learning with your teachers on seesaw.

In maths, we found using the comparison signs a bit challenging but, as we practised using them, we got a better understanding of what each symbols stands for. I'm sure you'll continue using the comparison signs to solve other problems at home so you get a better understanding.


How did you get on with your writing task? I believe you were able to write about some of Jabuti's talents as he had so many apart from being a flutist. One of his other great talents was a trickster. Do you remember how he used this talent on the animals in the rain forest? I can see that your writing is getting better. Please re-read your sentences and check that they all make sense.


Your parents will be so proud of your inventions today as I've seen some amazing instruments from Blue class. Which instruments did you make? Which recycling objects did you use? You can even make your instrument better by adding more decoration.

Did you dance the Samba? If you haven't yet, it's time for you to stand up, move your feet and swing your body as you play your instrument. 


Well done for working so hard today. We're so proud of your efforts and remember the sky is your limit!


As evening comes, remember to take a break, help your parents in the kitchen or tidy the house and read a book before going to sleep. Oh...keep to your bed time routine and have an early night so you feel fresh in the morning.





Good morning Fabulous Year 1s,

Mrs Coffie is herelaugh

It's a beautiful Monday morning and I trust you are all doing well and staying safe. How was your weekend? I believe you had a restful weekend and managed to step out with your families to enjoy the beautiful weather. 

Have you been keeping up to your daily routine? Remember, it's very important you maintain a routine as it helps you focus better on your daily tasks and also help you to lead your learning.


We've missed you so much and we're looking forward to seeing you with a big smile in school today. 

As you'll spend part of your day in school, you'll complete some of your learning and continue with the rest at home after school.

You'll start your day with visiting BUG Club to read your books and write a review when you've finished reading. Your review should be in depth and written clearly for your readers to understand.

After reading, take a break to recharge your brains by joining PE teacher Joe wicks for your daily exercises. You can share some of your feelings after your exercises with your teachers. 


By the way have you been joining in with the daily RWI lessons? I hope you're enjoying the sessions as I am.

I'm very excited about maths as you'll get to use comparison signs '>', '=' and '<' to compare numbers. You can sing the comparison song as you complete your activities. 


You'll agree with me that Jabuti plays lovely and happy tunes on his flute and this makes him an amazing flutist. Yes, but I think Jabuti has got other great talents too. Have you taken notice of this? Do you know what they are?

In your writing task, you'll be writing about the other talents that Jabuti has. Remember to use all your writing tools to make your writing readable to your reader.     


What things do you put in your recycling bin?  Today, you'll have to keep some of the empty tins, kitchen rolls, yoghurt pots etc, as you'll need them for your D&T lesson. In this lesson, you'll be making and playing your own musical instruments. How exciting!      We can't wait to see your inventions! 


Oh... remember to visit all your learning sites; TT Rockstar, My maths, Yumu and Purple mash to complete your set tasks as well.


Have fun and we look forward to discussing your learning with you on seesaw.

I'll leave you for now and will check on you later in the day!