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Monday's Learning

Hiya, I’m back again J

Did you enjoy reading or listening to the story? Now, you know where Jabuti lives… in the Amazon Rainforest.  The rainforest is amazing, don’t you agree?  I think Jabuti is quite funny and a very colourful tortoise too.

In maths we have re-introduced tens frame and I know most of you were able to recognise the amounts on the number frame quickly and that you were able to identify those missing numbers on your 100 square.

I love art and we cannot wait to see your wonderful collages of the rainforest where Jabuti lives. They will be unbelievable! Can you see what I did..., I used a word that could be included in your SPaG learning today, the prefix ‘un’ J

I have had a look at seesaw today and we would like to see much more of your fabulous learning. Keep going you are all doing amazing!

Exercise is the best remedy to help the brain going so let’s all get our daily exercise in and don’t forget to keep reading …reading … and more reading, it will help you lead your learning in Year 2.

Enjoy the rest of your day and stay safe.

Ms Satnarine x



Hello Year 1, I hope you have had a wonderful break and enjoyed that lovely sunshine. 

We have now started a new term and topic and it’s all about Brazil. I feel like I’ve been in Brazil with all this beautiful weather!

I’m sure some of you have started to make your bright colourful carnival costumes…We can’t wait to see them.

Did you find out what animals live in Brazil… oh yes and who made posters about Brazil? Can you convince us to go to Brazil?

Maths is all about place value and you will have a hundred square to help you. I know how great you are at counting and recognising your numbers because you will need this knowledge for the activity.

How exciting! You are starting a new story book and it’s all about a tortoise called Jabuti and he lives in… no, I’m not going to say anything else till you’ll find out.

We are so happy with all the SPaG, spelling, phonics that you have been doing so keep that up and don’t forget to keep up your daily exercise.

Please keep posting your learning on to seesaw … we all look forward to seeing your learning and replying to you.J

I will check back with you later on … in the meantime happy learning!

Ms Satnarine