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Monday 8th June

Dear children,

I hope you had a fantastic day of learning. We are all so proud of every one of you.

We would love to see your work on Seesaw so why don’t you upload right now.


I hope you completed the worksheet for Literacy and that you are now becoming experts in writing explanation texts. You could pick another subject to write about.


In Maths, I am sure that with the help of the fractions wall, you were able to complete the questions. If you need help with anything, then please do contact your teachers who will assist you in any problems you’re having.


In Grammar, I hope you have located the nouns correctly and that you have tried to use them in your independent sentences.


In Reading, you could now create a poster of everything you have learned about sunflowers.


In History, I am sure that you all enjoyed writing your information text about Albert Wegener. You could upload it and share it with your teachers.


I hope you all have a lovely evening and if you haven’t already, you could log onto the learning websites later on this evening.


Best wishes

Mrs Johal (Guduud class teacher)

Dear Year 3 children,


I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that you managed to get out in the fresh air. Please stay safe when outside and remember to follow guidelines about keeping your distance and washing your hands.

Today, we have another fun packed day lined up for you.


In P.E, you will be performing 5 different moves in a 5 minute workout. Put all your energy into the workout, which in turn will help you get ready for the day ahead.


In Literacy, you will be completing an explanation text about the water cycle using a cloze worksheet. You can go back to last week’s learning on the Gascoigne Primary website if you need to.


In Maths, you will be working on equivalent fractions. Use the fraction wall if you need it. Some of you could really challenge yourself and use your calculation skills.

Example:   1                   

                 ----      =      ------

                 3            6

What was 3 (the denominator) multiplied by to get the answer 6? The answer is 2.

So you do the same to the top number 1 (the numerator). You multiply 1 by 2. So 1 x 2 =2.

  1                    2

-------   becomes    -------

 3                    6


In SPAG, you will be learning about nouns and locating them in a group of words.


In Reading, you will be completing a comprehension about sunflowers.


For History, using the information you learned last Tuesday, you are going to write an informative report about Alfred Wegener, who was responsible for putting forward the continental drift theory.


Remember to log onto TT Rockstars, My Maths and Bug club.

I hope you have a lovely day. If you have any questions about your learning or you want to let us know how your day is going, then feel free to contact us on Seesaw. We are always here for you.


Mrs Johal

(Guduud class teacher)