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Monday 4th May

Important - Use Seesaw to speak with your teacher from today!



Download the Seesaw Class app via your app store. Use your 12-digit personal text code.

Your child can then share their learning with their teacher and receive feedback starting from today.

This opportunity is available for pupils in all year groups, from Nursery to Year 6

Welcome back Year 3!


I hope that you’ve all had a great day filled with some great learning!


Well done, if you have been logging on to check your tasks every day. It’s extremely important that you keep your mind working as before you know it we could be back at school. Please check on today’s page for the answers.


Remember to log in onto Bug club, My Maths, Timetable Rockstar and Purple Mash to keep up with the race for learning. Your teachers will be checking them in and those who connect regularly.


Also, thank you to those who have started uploading their learning on SeeSaw. We all are excited to have a way of communication with you.


We will be celebrating our first golden children next Monday so go and have a look on the Golden Children page to see how you can go for gold!


See you later, until then, stay safe and keep learning!

Mrs. Ajmal (VJOLLCE)

Good morning Year 3,


Welcome back to another week that is full of learning! I hope that you spent the weekend resting and that both you and your families are keeping safe, during this rather strange time. I hope you are ready to go so let’s start your learning with a smile on your face.

Well done to you all for your continuous efforts with your learning and keep on persevering- we’re all very proud of your hard work.


You may have watched in the news that the Body coach Joe Wicks has unfortunately injured his wrist! But the good news is that his wife will be taking over his PE lessons as he recovers from wrist surgery. Are you ready to kick start your morning with another energetic filled PE work out with Rosie Jones?


Here is your timetable for the day.

P.E: Continue to challenge yourself with the invigorating exercise.


Writing: This week, you will be writing your very own Greek myth. You will be planning your mythical story today and building on it each day over this week before editing and producing it at the end of the week.


Maths: Today's lesson is 'Lesson 1 - Convert Pounds and Pence'. When you get on to the webpage, you have to watch the day's teaching video, then answer the questions on the 'Get the Activity' link and finally check your answers by clicking on the 'Get the Answers' link.


Reading: For the Comprehension task today you will be reading a non-fiction text. Remember to use the reading strategies and inferential skills we have taught you in school to help you answer all questions correctly.


Art: Finally, to round off your day you will be completing an Art activity. As we are learning about Ancient Greeks, so in today’s Art lesson, you are going to be sketching a statue of Zeus, a Greek god.


I will be back at 3pm with the answers.


Best of luck!

Mrs. Ajmal (Vjollce class)