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Home learning, Bug Club, TT Rockstars and MyMaths 

Please ensure you are completing your weekly home learning set every Friday as well as using Bug Club, TT Rockstars or MyMaths daily. If you are unsure of your log in details, contact your teacher on Teams or Seesaw. 


LO: To effectively use the skills of planning.  

This week you will be writing an explanation text on the water cycle for your independent write up.

Using the success criteria and any resources provided, you will be planning your explanation text on the water cycle. Please remember to edit your plan, ensuring you have used most of the features on the success criteria. Below is an example on what the quality of your planning should look like. 


LO: To learn about managing feelings and emotions in different situations and find out about getting help, advice and support. 

In today's lesson, you will be discussing how to manage feelings and emotions in different situations and find out how to get help, advice and support with any worries, feelings or emotions. It is very important you express and talk about feelings especially those that feel very strong or go on for a long time. It is totally usual for people to need help with their feelings. Remember to talk with trusted adults at home or from school about your worries and feelings, so they can help you, do not keep worries or sad feelings to yourself. There are also websites and helplines such as Childline you can use ( Helpline number: 0800 1111). 


1) Complete Worksheet 1 on matching different feelings to their behaviours.

2) Complete Worksheet 2 'Think, feel, do'. Choose a scenario from the worksheet and then complete the 2nd part of Worksheet 2 on it. 

3) To summarise your learning, choose one word to describe a feeling and then give three different suggestions for managing the feeling. Remember to post your learning on Seesaw for your teachers to see and mark. 


Please use the following weblink to dance your way into the week, moving your body and exercising.